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Buy Orientbell tiles at the lowest price from BuildSupply

Tiles are most commonly manufactured from ceramic and stone. Different categories are defined depending on the area of its application. But other materials that are commonly used are glass, cork, concrete and composite materials. Clay-based tiles are a great option for kitchen-based floors, bathrooms, and other areas that are more likely to contact moisture.

Advantages of Orientbell tiles

  • Durability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Multiple design choices
  • Hard Flooring
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Water-resistant
  • Aesthetic appeal

Choose from a wide range of tiles offered by Orientbell

Build Supply offers a wide range of tiles for all types of building flooring needs, including bedroom, bathroom, parking, kitchen, wall, and wooden tiles, all supplied from the one and only Orientbell leader.

  • Bathroom tiles :

    An essential part of any living space that requires the utmost attention to detail is the bathroom area. Orientbell bathroom tiles are quite durable and essentially low maintenance. BuildSupply provides a wide range of tiles offered by Orientbell, which are stain-resistant, germ-free, and contamination-free. All products are available in different designs in both glossy and matte finish.

  • Floor tiles:

    The carpet area of any living space is quite important to set a décor style, and customers are quite selective. It should be attractive and also serve the purpose of its implementation. A most crucial aspect of any floor tile is that it should be heavy-duty and does not break under maximum loading conditions. Orientbell floor tiles offer a wide range of designs and patterns suitable for customer’s needs.

  • Wall tiles:

    To give each room a different character and tone, it depends on the material and colour scheme. Orientbell wall tiles are most preferred as they last longer than any paint or wallpaper. Moreover, they fill your space with a style quotient. BuildSupply offers wall tiles that are budget-friendly yet an eye-catcher.

  • Wooden tiles:

    The Orientbell wooden tiles are available in different grain types and colours of brown, grey, black, and others. The wood tiles offer a smooth finish that is also durable and the best fit for residential and commercial purposes. These tiles are quite elegant. On the other hand, it offers excellent resistance to slipping, frosting, and moisture.

  • Kitchen tiles:

    Being the nodal area where the planning needs to be perfect in spacing and accessibility while keeping aesthetic factors intact. Orientbell understands the needs of a kitchen, where the tiles need to be resistant to stains and splashes while being easy to clean. Build Supply brings you the finest of Orientbell kitchen tiles that every homemaker looks for. Given that each kitchen has a different look to go for, there are numerous design patterns and colour pallets to choose from, helping you make the right choice for your needs.

  • Vitrified tiles:

    Vitrified tiles result from a mixture of silica sand, quartz, and clay in different proportions. BuildSupply offers two categories of tiles that customers can choose between Orientbell double charge tiles and Orientbell vitrified tiles. The expenses on both tiles are variable depending on the area of application, size, and style. Orientbell offers the best ones, including the Travertine marble, Carrara marble, and the Onyx marble. These tiles are built to last and are not affected with continuous exposure to liquids and absorb moisture, and they are a perfect fit for living areas, kitchen spaces, and outdoors.

BuildSupply Advantage

At BuildSupply, customers can choose different tiles from a wide range of products offered by Orientbell, compare other tiles on your website or mobile device to have a complete understanding of your required product category..
Now, have a hassle-free procurement from a wide range of wall tiles, floor tiles, bathroom tiles, parking tiles, and much more. BuildSupply offers a fine product range of handpicked selections of tiles that are safe, economical, and offers easy maintenance. Check out Orientbell tiles price at BuildSupply.

  • Regular quality checks and assurance over quality
  • On-time delivery
  • Best tile prices on the market
  • Hassle-free process for procurement
  • Customer support
  • Mobile application for remote access

At BuildSupply, buy the best quality of tiles for any requirement by the best manufacturer of India. With the BuildSupply platform, users can get the best quality of tiles at the most affordable prices. Choose from a wide range of materials and colour patterns and enjoy the wholesome advantages of Orientbell without having to worry about the expenses.
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