Buy TMT bars from one of India`s largest TMT bar manufacturers.

Amba Shakti TMT bars possess exceptional strength and bonding properties, which is why builders all across the globe rely on them to impart the much-required resilience to their construction projects. Made from billets, Amba Shakti TMT boasts of high tensile strength and remarkable durability.

Tempcore is an accreditation given only to distinguished steel plants. Amba Shakti saria has this accreditation from CRM Belgium across all its grades including Amba Shakti Fe500D TMT Bars 8 mm that are available at the best Amba Shakti 500 sd prices in the market. 

Salient Features of Amba Shakti TMT Saria:

  • Earthquake Resistance:

    The unique TRICORE technology goes into the manufacturing of Amba Shakti TMT bars, making them ideal for seismic zones. Their tempered Martensite Ring imparts excellent strength to the structure while Martensite+Ferrite band gives the spring effect, making the bar restore back to its original shape.
  • Heat Resistance:

    The rebar properties of Amba Shakti TMT bars are attained by regulating the microstructure. This microstructure formulation does not distort up to a temperature of 500C or 600C. This makes Amba Shakti SD TMT bars resilient to high temperatures and ideal for fire-prone areas.
  • Delayed Rusting:

    Amba Shakti TMT saria has a unique combination of carbon and manganese that assists in the maintenance of right C.E. This along with the absence of torsional residual stresses delays rusting and give these bars exceptional longevity even in coastal areas.

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